TanTox Tan Removing Bath Soak

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Need to remove your tan? Or just want to refresh and detox your skin?

This amazing sunless tan removing and detoxing soak made of salts, fresh coconut milk, honey,and ginger will quickly replenish the skin and remove any unwanted tan by making it super easy to exfoliate away.

Coconut Milk will bring relief to dry, rough areas while honey leaves the skin soft with a silky texture. An added benefit of organic ginger helps to sweat the toxins away, while vitamin E restores skin elasticity. You will feel incredible...we promise! And you'll be extra ready for your next sunless tan!

Use with Spray Studio's BLANK CANVAS Sunless Tan Remover for the ultimate tan removal experience!

WARNING: If you are pregnant or over-heat easily, you may want to advise with your doctor before soaking.

DIRECTIONS: Dissolve whole bag of soak into the a bath of hot water and soak your body for 15-20 minutes. Towards the end of the soak, scrub your skin (we recommend using our Tan Erase Glove whether you have tan reside or not). Exfoliate as long as you wish! It will feel amazing! Moisturize well and drink plenty of water to re-hydrate after your bath. For an extra stubborn tan, apply BLANK CANVAS Sunless Tan Remover 10-15 minutes prior to your Tantox Bath.

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