SPRAY STUDIO is NOW OPEN so that you ALL can get your glow on! We are so excited to finally get back to work and we hope that you are excited to get back too! We also THANK EACH ONE OF YOU for your supporting us during this time!


Booking and Tan Credits
  • We are reserving the appointment times on May 6-11th for CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY. Any Clients and all NEW Clients may visit us for tans from May 12th-onward.
  • ONLINE BOOKING and NEW CLIENT APPOINTMENTS will be open for booking MAY 11th. After this day we are hoping to keep booking as normal.
  • MEMBERS that were charged the $30 membership fees between Mar 21 and May 6th will have the equal credit given to their account to use in-studio. We prefer those credits to be used first and not saved. Can be used towards retail or your tan.
  • PRE-PURCHASED Tanning Packages/Series will ALL be extended until January 31, 2021 and no further.
  • ALL UNLIMITED MEMBERS will have their UNLIMITED TANS extended until January 31, 2021. Monthly gifts will be given in due time. Please bare with us.
Sanitation and Operation Guidelines
  • NO CHILDREN OR GUESTS will be allowed inside of the studio with you. ONLY the person getting a tan may enter during their appointment time.
  • All SPRAY STUDIO staff will be wearing face masks and washing hands throughout the day, as well as have hand sanitizer available at every station.
  • All SPRAY STUDIO staff will also be starting their day with an IMMUNE BOOSTER packet, hand sanitizing session and have their temperature taken upon arrival at work.
  • We will be sanitizing throughout the studio all day on a rotation.
  • All customers are required to use hand sanitizer (which we will provide) upon entry to the studio.
  • ALL customers will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver upon entry each time they tan.
  • We are spacing out appointment times so that there will not be as many people in the studio at a time. We will have spaced out seating in case you have to wait. You can also wait outside.
  • Please try to stick to your appointment time. If you will be early, please call or understand we may have you wait outside.
  • We are NOT requiring customers to wear face masks while in the studio but if you are concerned for yourself, please BRING YOUR OWN MASK to wear while in our studio.
  • We are NOT requiring anyone to wait in their car, but you are more than welcome to. Please just come in and check in for your appointment first.
  • ALL sunless spray artists will be wearing a mask and gloves in the room while you are being sprayed. They will have to touch you to clean you up., but will be in clean gloves and will have sanitizer in the rooms to use if needed. If you choose to clean up and detail yourself at the end of your tan, we will make a note on your appointment and your tan is at its own risk.
  • ALL tanning appointments will be spaced out to give us time to sanitize each room before the next client enters. Please be patient.
  • WE ARE A CASH FREE BUSINESS and have been for 2 years. PLEASE enter the card you wish to pay with when you book your appointment. That way it is held on file and doesn't require cards to be passed around. In the event we do need to use a different card, we will have sanitizing wipes at the front desk. TIPS can be left on the card or paid via VENMO. We will allow cash to go in envelopes if you choose.
  • ALL RETAIL SALES ARE FINAL. If you would like to try on clothing, we do not mind at all, just please doing so before you tan.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at INFO@SHOPSPRAYSTUDIO.COM or call us during our business hours.

We ask that you NOT COME IN for a tan if you are displaying signs of illness or if you are worried about getting sick yourself. It is up to you to care for yourself and we just have to make it clear that coming to tan is voluntary and that we are only obligated to our method of doing business at this time and not others. We ask that you respect our decisions of practice and opt out if you do not agree.

We care about each and every one of you. We will continue to try our best to make you feel comfortable in our studio and to give you the best sunless tan we can just like we always have!  Your support is priceless and we wouldn't be here without you!

We cannot wait to see you!

XOXO- The Spray Studio Team