Tanning Memberships



Spray Studio's Sunless Splash Membership was created to give the best savings to our clients that plan to tan year round.

Check out the details here and sign up the next time you are in-studio!

Membership Includes:

●$25 Single Splash Full Body Tans. $15 Half Body Tans and Temp Tans. $6 Face Tans

● 20% off all Spray Studio body care products purchased in-studio

● Exclusive Spray Studio Member Only Discounts and Preview Sales

● Your account will be conveniently auto charged every month

● Non-Transferable. Non-refundable. Can not be shared.


Auto Charge Details:

● Present a valid credit or debit card to set up your auto payments in-studio.
● Payment of $30 will be charged each month on your signup date.
● You must make any changes to credit/debit card information prior to your charge date
● Spray Studio may re-process dishonored automatic payments three times during the month. You will be contacted upon declined charge. Membership benefits will be frozen until membership is paid in full. (See Cancellation Section below for details)
● There are no refunds for unused months. Accounts may be frozen in order to avoid full payment (see below).
● Spray Studio reserves the right to cancel or change this membership and its terms at any time. Changes will be posted in-studio prior to date of change.
● Spray Studio consents only to agreements in writing and not verbal agreements.


Cancellation Details:

● To cancel your membership you must fill out and submit a cancellation form in-studio prior to next auto charge date.
● If your monthly auto charge is declined and we can not get in contact with you to correct charge information, membership and benefits will be automatically cancelled.