The Self Tan Mitt

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This mitt is EVERYTHING!!! If you are used to applying your self tanner with the traditional foam mitts...well...go ahead and throw those away!

This plush, velvet mitt is all you will ever want for applying self tanners and bronzers streak-free...even, smooth, flawlessly! It is coated inside to keep your hands completely clean and is machine washable for use over and over again! You will NEVER go back to your old self tanning applicators...ever...we promise!

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Directions For Use: Make sure skin is clean and dry...applying self tanners after shower/bath is best:) Lightly apply lotion to dry areas including hands, feet, elbows and knees. Apply tanning product to the mitt. Massage evenly into skin until product is evenly distributed. Hand wash the mitt and air dry. Reusable.