The Tan Erase Glove

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This mitt is AMAZING!

Use with or without a sunless tan!

  • Exfoliates skin to eliminate tan residue
  • Special texture removes dead skin from surface
  • Improves circulation and fights aging of the skin
  • Helps reduce in-grown hairs, uneven skin texture, discoloration and acne

If using before sunless tanning, try to use 24 hours before you tan to avoid any irritation. To use, soak skin for 10-20 minutes in a hot bath or shower. Use dry mitt to exfoliate skin in a circular motion. Layers of dead skin and/or old tan will roll off the body and onto your mitt. Use under arms to exfoliate away old deodorant too! Rinse skin. Finish by washing, drying and moisturizing skin very well.

Wash mitt and hang to air dry. Reusable. Mitt will last a few months with weekly use before needing to be replaced.